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Healthcare professionals may be entitled to a significant financial reward for becoming Medicare whistleblowers. Learn about receiving a financial reward for your information here.

There have been some recent charges in US whistleblower laws when it comes to healthcare professionals. According to these changes, professionals who report fraud against the government related to the healthcare industry can receive a large financial reward, which can go into millions of dollars in many cases. US laws now state that individuals who report Medicare fraud will be fully protected from retaliation and can receive a reward of 30% of any fines collected by the government. This means that the bigger the fraud reported by the individual is, the larger their potential reward becomes.

The US government has already paid significant sums totaling hundreds of millions of dollars to reward whistleblowers who have come forward with information related to fraud in the healthcare industry. In some of the more major cases, certain individuals have received rewards which were worth millions of dollars.

If you work in the healthcare industry in any capacity, such as a physician, pharmacist, nursing home worker, ambulance technician, nurse, hospital administrator or any other profession in the healthcare field and have information related to Medicare fraud, there are ways to report it. You can get in touch with the Medicare Fraud Reporting Center to check whether you would be eligible to receive a financial reward for the information you can provide.

Medicare Fraud Can be Reported Here

Every year, Medicare fraud costs the government and taxpayers millions of dollars. This wasteful spending can affect the quality of our nation's healthcare system, as instead of going to pay for services that are needed by patients, especially those who suffer from serious medical conditions, funds instead go into the pockets of fraudsters who seek to profit from Medicare by filing false claims. Our attorneys are experienced in representing healthcare industry workers who become whistleblowers and report fraudulent activities directed at the US government. For a free consultation with a lawyer, with no obligation on your part, you may fill out the secure form found on this website or call us at  1-866-648-5223 .

Do You Have Information Regarding Medicare Fraud? Report it Here.

You can stop abuse of government funds by becoming a Medicare fraud whistleblower and get a substantial reward for your information. Our attorneys have a lot of experience representing those who expose fraud in the healthcare industry. To get a consultation with a lawyer free of charge, you may fill out the secure and confidential form on this page, or contact us at 1-866-648-5223.